A History of Successful Savings

Identifying the Best Interests of Our Clients Since 1982

Hollie L. Brostek is President of WIA Consultants

Hollie L. Brostek

President - QPA, ERPA
Craig Dixon is the Senior Pension Administrator of WIA Consultants and is working towards ERPA

Craig Dixon

Plan Administrator
Patricia Fawcett is Chief IRS Correspondent of WIA Consultants

Patricia Fawcett

Chief IRS Correspondent
About WIA Consultants, Inc.

WIA Consultants has been in the business of designing retirement plans since 1982. We are a client-focused firm uniquely sensitive to the needs of individuals and other closely held companies.

Our desire to save our clients money paired with our competitive pricing make the team at WIA a valuable partner in your financial future. We will not enter into a partnership that does not stand to be mutually beneficial.

Successful savings is about more than just money, it is an ongoing process that demands time and attention. Our experienced staff will be with you every step of the way to offer expert advise and answer any questions you may have. We stay up on the latest requirements and regulations so you can concentrate on your business; together we ensure your success.

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